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Content Marketing World 2020 - Session Viewer

Because this year’s event is virtual, you do not need to select your schedule in advance, but we do recommend planning your week ahead of time for an easier time navigating the virtual platform. Pre-conference workshops will be released on demand on Monday, October 12th and Industry Forums will be released on Friday, October 16th - check your emails for login instructions. All breakout/track sessions will be released on Tuesday, October 13th at 2:45pm EDT for on demand viewing. All event content will be available on demand for six months. Please note all times are shown in Eastern Time.

Precedented: 5 Principles of the Last Chaotic 10 Months That Are the Very Key to Content Marketing Success in the Next 10 Years

Ann Handley  (Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs)

Date: Thursday, October 15

Time: 10:00am - 10:45am

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Session Type: Keynote

Audience Level: All

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

You’ve been hearing it over and over… “Unprecedented.” If you want to thrive in a post-Covid world, you’ve got to plan for the “new normal.” Or the “next normal.” Gotta “pivot.” (Also, it might help if you hoard toilet paper in case THAT situation occurs again.)

How does the advice apply in the real world -- to you, your career, your customers, your content marketing programs? (I mean, aside from the toilet paper tip. That one is clear.)

What if success in the “new normal” actually hinges on the very things that we should’ve been doing all along? That we chose not to focus on in the Before Times, that pre-pandemicked era when things were simply… “normal”?

What if a pandemic has actually illuminated some fundamental issues we should’ve already embraced… and recast them for a new era?
In this fast-paced, inspirational, fun talk, Queen of Content and CMW favorite Ann Handley shares how your business can connect more meaningfully with customers with a new understanding the 5 principles that matter most now. Ann will share inspired stories of what we’ve learned over the last 10 months that will ensure success in the next 10 years. (Which means more leads, revenue, engagement, trust. The whole ball of wax.)

It’s time to embrace:

The Sourdough Starter Principle
: Why community matters now more than ever
The Toilet Paper Principle: Why focusing on the wrong things brings short-sighted results
The Zoom Mullet Principle: What needs to be pretty; what you can ignore

…and more.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that planning for the future is impossible, right? There is no crystal ball that will help us anticipate what the future will bring. We never could have planned for unprecedented times.

Or could we? Because if the pandemic has also given us anything, it’s been memes a new alignment on fundamental principles. These “unprecedented” times have illuminated some principles that we should’ve been focused on even in… well, precedented times.

Who’s all-in?!