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CMWorld Cleveland Clinic Health Summit


Amanda Todorovich (Content Marketing Director, Cleveland Clinic)

Buddy Scalera (Associate Director, Social Media Safeguarding and Solutions, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Company)

Ahava Leibtag (President,

Nathan David (Digital Marketing Manager, Cleveland Clinic)

Mary Beth Pate (Executive Director, Marketing Communications, Cleveland Clinic)

Matt Bakaitis (Director, Digital Marketing, Cleveland Clinic)

Loren Chylla (Executive Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Media, The Adcom Group)

Brian Gresh (President, Loyal)

Emily Babbitt (Account Executive, Google Health Systems)

Rob Parisi (SVP/General Manager, Verywell)

Frank Cutitta (Senior Director, Center for Content Analytics, HIMSS Media Lab)

Wendy Trem (Director of Account Service, Falls Digital)

Location: Room 26AB & 26C

Date: Friday, September 7

Time: 8:30am - 3:45pm

Pass type: All Access, Industry Lab/Summit, Main Conference Plus - Get your pass now!

Session Type: Industry Lab/Summit

Vault Recording: TBD

True North Custom
Cleveland Clinic
Manifest LLC

The CMWorld Cleveland Clinic Health Summit returns for a 2nd year! Healthcare content marketing is growing at a fast pace, and we’re bringing in leaders and brand practitioners in this space to help our attendees working in the healthcare, pharma and life science industries. Content Marketing World has combined our healthcare and pharma labs and created this health summit through a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic. This Friday event complete with breakout sessions as well as a keynote, will dissect the many facets of healthcare content marketing. Learn from content marketing leaders who won’t let regulations, HIPAA, or enterprise-based challenges get in the way of connecting with customers and growing their businesses through epic content.


8:30am – 9:00am
Opening Remarks
Paul Matsen, Chief Marketing Officer, Cleveland Clinic

9:00am – 9:45am
Keynote Session
Manuel Hoyer, Global Health Solutions, Facebook

10:00am – 10:45am
Breakout Sessions (2)
Reimagining Healthcare Advertising through Partnerships and Digital
Mary Beth Pate, Executive Director, Marketing Communications, Cleveland Clinic
Loren Chylla, Executive Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Media, The Adcom Group
This presentation will explore how Cleveland Clinic has worked with partners such as the New York Times and Washington Post to deliver highly engaging and creative native content using the latest digital technologies. We will share cases involving the use of 360 video, interactive timelines, and fully integrated programs utilizing social, content and earned media.

Demystifying Plain Language
Ahava Leibtag, President,
The healthcare customer journey is complex. We want to meet our customers where they are and help them understand the steps they need to take to get better and achieve wellness. But often, our stakeholders want our content to sound like The New England Journal of Medicine when we know our customers don't respond to that type of language. In this session you'll learn the realities of plain language, how to talk to your stakeholders about it, what "dumbing down" is really all about and how to write better for healthcare audiences.

11:00am – 11:45am
Breakout Sessions (2)
Agencies Gone Awry: How the Cleveland Clinic Collaborates with Agencies to Avoid Costly Missteps
Matt Bakaitis, Director, Digital Marketing, Cleveland Clinic
Wendy Trem, Director of Account Service, Falls Digital
Working with an agency can be challenging. But as an extension of your team, your agency partner wants to understand your expectations and deliver successful outcomes – but effective communication is key. In this session, we'll discuss how to communicate effectively with your agency partner by providing the right context and information they need to help you achieve your desired results, and how to learn from missteps along the way to make every new project better than the last.

Marketing Storytelling in Healthcare Communications
Buddy Scalera, Associate Director, Social Media Safeguarding and Solutions, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Co.
Content marketing has evolved. Today's modern marketers must become master storytellers to deliver effective content. It's even more challenging in a highly regulated category like healthcare. In this session, we discuss the core foundation of traditional storytelling and relate it to modern marketing frameworks, like user journeys. We will deconstruct story, language, and calls to action, as they relate to health messages for patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders. This engaging, interactive story framework will be led by Buddy Scalera, a content strategist with 20+ years of experience in health and pharma communications. He is also a professional storyteller with extensive credits from Marvel Comics and other comic book publishers. This is a lively, popular workshop that will guide your thinking on storytelling and user journeys. Key Takeaways:

  • Content must be created specifically to the user journey
  • Marketers require a plan for effectively integrating design strategies into the content publishing process
  • Healthcare storytelling is not a new concept, in fact it is essential to human communications

11:45am – 12:45pm

1:00pm – 1:45pm
Breakout Sessions (2)
How AI and Understanding Consumer Intent Can Improve Your Content
Brian Gresh, President, Loyal
To say consumer interaction with technology is moving at a rapid pace in an understatement. In a matter of years, we have gone from relying on online search to adopting conversational interfaces like AI-driven smart speakers* and chatbots for information. Brands now have yet another way to interact with consumers, and even better, learn about their consumers. In this session we will explore how the shift to consumerism in healthcare has opened the door to these emerging technologies and enabled better opportunities to understand the needs of this audience. Learn how the powerful combination a AI and an understanding of consumer intent can improve how you deliver, promote, and even create content.

Aligning Healthcare Personas with Buying Emotions to Create Data Exhaust
Frank Cutitta, Senior Director, Center for Content Analytics, HIMSS Media Lab
As healthcare marketers evolve away from the traditional “random acts of content” strategy, personas have become very trendy for content targeting. Unfortunately, many personas are little more than job descriptions on steroids. In this lively presentation HIMSS Media Lab’s Frank Cutitta will learn:

  • How deeper buying emotion can be identified for key healthcare personas.
  • How these emotional indices can be embedded into the content architecture with the goal of creating data exhaust leading to deeper engagement metrics and insights.
  • The notion of building “content playlists” based on these emotional triggers will also be introduced.

2:00pm – 2:45pm
Breakout Sessions (2)
Winning In Healthcare With Free Google Consumer Insights
Nathan David, Digital Marketing Manager, Cleveland Clinic
Emily Babbitt, Account Executive, Google Health Systems
Impactful marketing insights don't have to come with a high price tag. As care affordability initiatives have squeezed healthcare marketing budgets, data driven marketing has become more imperative. Data drives effective marketing efforts that can be measured and defended. Learn about Google Trends, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Keyword Planner, Consumer Surveys, and other free Google tools that are invaluable for healthcare marketers.

  • Explore the suite of free Google tools
  • Understand specific healthcare use cases
  • Know where to go to expand skills and get training

Monetization of Content Marketing: A Story of True Partnership
Amanda Todorovich, Content Marketing Director, Cleveland Clinic
Rob Parisi, SVP/General Manager, Verywell
In this session we will cover how Cleveland Clinic scaled to monetizable audiences. How Verywell & Cleveland Clinic work together. The brand considerations of monetization. Legal/financial obstacles.

3:00pm – 3:45pm
Closing Keynote: The Power & Responsibilities of Content in Healthcare
Amanda Todorovich, Content Marketing Director, Cleveland Clinic
Amanda will cover the powerful impact content has on patients; the patient journey and how content EXPERIENCE is critical. She will cover trends and future looking ideas (voice, personalization).